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I have just signed up for the Apple Developer Program (ADC), and did all that is necessary to make an app run on the device itself.

I created an empty project and succeeded in running it on my device.

I am using RouteMe for my project, and inside my project are several sub projects.
The problem now, is after I build the project, I can run it on the Simulator, but not on the device.

enter image description here

It is weird that no reason is given. Anyone knows what this could be?


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Take a look at the build log. This will show the error causing the build to be marked as failed.

Xcode > View (menu) > Navigators > Show Log Navigator

Within the log navigator, click on the last build. You will be presented with the build steps; control-click on one of the steps and select Expand All Transcripts.

At this point, you will see everything the build system did and the output from each command. The error will be within this text.

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Great ! thanks! – Ted Jun 28 '12 at 7:48

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