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My Mac mini is picking up the same remote signals as my apple TV remote. How can I turn off Front Row so it doesn't start playing music / videos when I am browsing my Apple TV?

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Front Row was removed on 10.7, so another option would be to upgrade OS X. – user495470 Jun 25 '12 at 12:32
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A quick way to solve your problem is to simply disable the IR remote control receiver. Visit this preference under

System Preferences -> Security -> General

and uncheck the box labeled "Disable remote control infrared receiver".

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There are three things you can do to turn off Front Row:

  1. you can disable your keyboard shortcut: How do I turn off the Front Row keyboard shortcut?
  2. You can turn off your IR receiver in System Settings / Security
  3. You can delete / rename the Front Row app

For more detail, see:

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