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I've bought the New iPad and have been using iPhoto to upload my pictures to Facebook. However, when I view them the quality doesn't look good. When browsed from the desktop Facebook site, the site does not provide a high quality version to download either.

How can I upload high quality images to Facebook from my iPad?

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I think that iPhoto would not give you a choice of photo resolution. Just upload the photos through the Facebook app for iPad.

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Have you tried using the official Facebook app?


This allows you to upload pictures directly from your iPad photo library and providing those are of sufficient quality you should be ok.

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The Facebook Camera app will allow you to upload photos in higher resolution. Most other apps (incl. the offical facebook app) will convert the photo to low res before uploading.

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I uploaded a photo through Facebook, but it had bad quality, so I tried uploading it with iPhoto, and it did it with the highest quality. I also compared a the quality difference between uploading it with the FaceBook app and the iPad version of iPhoto and it too looked better!

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