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This happens from time to time: the "hide" option is just grayed out and the usual shortcut doesn't work. I'm not doing anything special or stuck in a modal window—it just isn't available.

hiding Chrome

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This is OS X default behavior in every app if you have hidden all other apps before with "Hide Others" or ++H. In such a case it's not possible to hide the front most app, that's why both options are greyed out/inactive.

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Wow, that is nuts. User-unfriendly. "You told me to do X before, and now I see you're telling me to do Y. Faced with contradicting [ed. not really] instructions, I'll just ignore this last thing you told me to do." – Dogweather Jun 29 at 19:10

Here's a workaround:

If you hold the -key and click the desktop, your app will hide.

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The same thing happened to me. I figured out that Google Chrome was in full screen mode on another (secondary) display. Consequently, OS X could not hide it.

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Go to the Chrome to and select "Show All", the option will reappear.

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Sure, "We're looking for long answers...", but this is the only answer describing how to fix the situation. – Dogweather Jun 29 at 19:12

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