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I use option and command to navigate text (which is awesome). I've read somewhere that you can specify the characters that constitute a word stop (underscores for example). However I can't find this anywhere.

Does anyone know where to set this?

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You can choose between a few settings in System Preferences, but I don't know any way to customize them.

The standard setting treats period and colon as part of (some) words.

ASCII special characters that are part of words:

  • '.:_ in Standard
  • '_ in English (United States, Computer)

ASCII special characters that are not part of the start or end of words:

  • $+<=>^` in Standard
  • $+<=>^` in English (United States, Computer)

aa.11 and aa'11 are never single words. 11.11 and aa_11 are always single words.

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