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Is there a way to configure my keyboard layout in Lion to match the Windows "Français (Canada)" (or French (Canada) if you prefer!) layout?

Currently, I use the french canadian layout from Mac OS on my MacBook Pro. It's not the same as the Windows one. For instance, the pipe "|" on my macbookpro is something like "Command" + "-", and on my windows machine is mapped to the left of "1".

I do not wish to make my MBP a Windows machine or anything like that, just that I'm used to that keyboard layout for many years while programming and it's hard to switch!

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You can use Ukelele to create your own keyboard layouts, or (more realistically) edit a copy of an existing one.

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Thanks a lot, that is exactly the kind of thing I needed! I switched to Mac some months ago, and the keyboard layout was holding me back to program at my full speed. Old habits die hard! – Dominic Goulet Jun 21 '12 at 11:03

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