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I have just updated my Mac to Lion and started using iCloud. Next thing I want to do is update my phone to iOS 5, but I want to backup all my purchased TV Shows first.
Some of them are purchased on my iPhone and I would like to transfer them to my Mac.

I connected my iPhone to my Mac, clicked on my iPhone in the iTunes submenu Devices and when I click on TV Shows, I can't click on anything in there, except for Sync TV Shows. But when I click on that I get the message:

"Are you sure you want to sync TV shows? All existing songs, movies and TV shows on the iPhone will be removed and replaced with TV shows from your iTunes library."

How can I transfer all my TV Shows and Movies to my Mac without a hassle?

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This answer has instructions which should be having the effect you desire.

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You can simply click on purchased in the itunes store and redownload all of your purchases directly to your computer.

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