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I am new to Microsoft Word. I accidentally formatted a section as columns and now cannot undo it. My whole (large!) document is now in column mode and I cannot get it back to normal mode.

I have tried View/Styles/clear formatting and it only clears all my other formatting but not the columns.

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I suppose you are speaking about "Microsoft" Word. There's (to my knowledge) no such thing as "Macbook Word". Please edit your question and clarify. Then: what do you mean by "column" mode? Did you format your document as having more columns? What happens if you reduce the number of columns to 1? – Matteo Jun 20 '12 at 11:16

Assuming that:

  • you are speaking about Microsoft Word
  • you formatted your document with multiple columns
  • you are using Word 2011 (latest version)

You can change the column setting in the "Format", "Columns..." menu

enter image description here

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