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Outlook for Mac 2011 (14.2.2) doesn't appear to have any archive (auto, or otherwise) functionality. Most of the advice on the web seems to suggest rule based archiving, however this seems to only permit flat structures for the messages once they are archived.

For example, archive all messages more than 6 months old to folder "x", whereas I want to preserve the folder structure (Exchange) that I work in.

I already have another imported back up running locally (from a PC running Windows Outlook) in this Mac with the same folder structure, and want to be able to backup to it without doing it on a folder by folder basis.

Any ideas?

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There is a tool that supports the archiving operation of automatically moving your mail (over a certain age) from your online working email account down on to 'On My Computer' preserving your folder structure. Outlook Mac Archive Tool!

Outlook Mac Archive Tool

On top of that it can also optionally archive your email directly out to the cloud too, in real-time. Not a file based cloud storage like dropbox but a mail cloud like GMail with lots of free storage.

The advantage of archiving to a folder in a GMail account is your mail is always accessible through a web interface, searchable and safely backed up. You could use multiple Gmail accounts if you have excessively large mail stores (e.g. one for each year of mail).

Outlook Mac Archive Tool

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