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I have a hosted Exchange 2010 (Office 365) mailbox and use it together with Lion/Apple Mail but I was wondering how I can change were Mail stores Junk Mail to as well as its 'Archive' folder (the one it uses when selecting a mail in my inbox and click the 'Archive' button)?

For the Junk Mail one there already is one by Exchange / Office365 but Mail does not use this one (and selecting the correct folder and trying to go to 'Mailbox' > 'Use this Mailbox for' fails because all entries (incl. 'Junk') is greyed out so no way I can't Mail stop from creating a new Junk folder every time I run Mail and it decides a mail is spam & moves it there.

For the 'Archive' functionality it is somewhat the same - I have my own 'Archived' folder (in a particular subdirectory) and while I could certainly change my whole way of managing & archiving mails, it would be quite surprising if the 'Archive'-folder Mail creates & uses is hard-coded.

Does anyone know where/how to change Mail's default folders for these two? I had a quick glimpse at my user's com.apple.mail.plist file but couldn't find anything.

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