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I have a plastic MacBook that I like to use both on the go and at home, where I have a monitor, keyboard/mouse, speakers, etc that I hook up to use it more or less as a desktop. This works great, for the most part, except for the adaptor - it's constantly getting snagged on my desk due to the sheer size of the DVI-DVI connection.

I've tried looking online for a 3 foot Mini-DVI to DVI cable so that I can eliminate this bulk, but without success. It seems that both Apple and a number of third parties are more than willing to sell adaptors for the Mini-DVI, but none sell actual cables.

Have I missed something in my search? Or do manufacturers simply not produce the product I describe? If the latter, is it due to restrictions on using the Mini-DVI connector, a technical problem that requires the adaptor to be no longer than 6 or so inches, or perceived lack of demand?

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+1. I hate those fat adapter dongles hanging off the MacBook. I can live with an adapter, but it should be hidden away behind the back of the monitor. – Thilo Jan 11 '11 at 12:37

I think the idea would be to use the Mini-DVI to DVI adapter at one end of a DVI to DVI cable.
The specs should be checked for maximum workable length (example)

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That's my current setup, but I hate the bulk at the end of the cable. I would much rather have a Mini-DVI to DVI cable with the adapter on the monitor end to convert to DVI, if such a cable exists. – Kyle Cronin Aug 12 '09 at 5:44
Hmm, If the specs allow it, you could make it, and if you could make it, someone in China would have already made it (I guess, they would have made it even if the specs do not allow). – nik Aug 12 '09 at 6:50

Monoprice is usually the best bet for cables and they don't see to have anything. May just not be popular enough yet.

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If it's not popular enough yet it will never be. Apple doesn't use mini-DVI anymore. – MarkM Aug 26 '09 at 11:10

Here's a 3 ft one on Amazon:

Although, I couldn't find it on the Monoprice website.

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That's a mini-Displayport to DVI, not mini-DVI to DVI. – robmathers Oct 25 '12 at 19:41

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