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I have an early 2007 Macbook Pro. The trackpad isn't multitouch - it doesn't support any of Lion's new many-finger gestures - but it does support two-finger scrolling. It obviously can keep track of two points of touch, so is there any way to get it to support pinch-to-zoom as well?

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Actually it can only discern between one narrow touch moving and one wider touch. It's not tracking multiple points - just calculating the area of touch and the single general motion.

Some other questions here might help explain this better:

No amount of software will make up for your solid state based trackpad. You might be able to get a Magic Trackpad or use an iOS device to inexpensively upgrade your hardware set and take advantage of multitouch.

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OK, thanks... I guess I'll just either buy a Magic Trackpad or use my iPod Touch. – gtmtg Jun 8 '12 at 22:09

Perhaps look at BetterTouchTool. I don't know if it will support your Mac, but if it's at all possible I would expect it to.

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It doesn't seem to support it... Thanks anyway, though! – gtmtg Jun 8 '12 at 20:57

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