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I have asked a question here. But it is for adding a custom button in osx finder toolbar. Suppose I have an applescript & I want to bind it on a custom button. & then I want to place that button on a toolbar - how that would be possible ?

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You can drag and drop an Applescript (script and application) to the finder toolbar, which places the icon for the Applescript in the toolbar just like any other button (though I prefer the menubar's Applescript menu for such things because I can have more scripts available in a smaller space). I don't think you can create a button out of nothing and bind an Applescript to it, however.

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No, you can’t add a custom button to the Finder directly to an Applescript, because the Finder’s toolbar is not an “Application Launcher”. It is, however, possible to create a small app (using Xcode) that does that. Out of my mind, you can check ShellHere, which is a very simple application that puts a button in the Finder to “open a terminal here”.

The little app is Open Source, so you could see how he did it. It’s a very small project and if you have a little bit of Xcode/Cocoa experience, you’ll grasp the concept immediately.

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You don't need XCode, do you? You can make an app in Automator that runs AppleScript, and place that in the Finder, I think. – user588 Dec 25 '10 at 18:48
@mankoff that’d be a good idea, haven’t tried that. – Martín Marconcini Dec 25 '10 at 21:17

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