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I am currently in Norway. My Mac mini is in my apartment in Australia. I can access screen sharing via Back To My Mac. It connects fine, but the screen has only linen - no menu bar, no dock, no anything else. I am fairly sure that is what is actually on the screen and that it isn't a problem with the connection or anything like that (it's happened once before while I was sitting in the same room...)

I know the system is responsive because the one other thing that can poke through my router is the Transmission web interface, and that works just fine. (Unfortunately I seem to have neglected to forward a port for ssh...)

Is there any way I can reboot or otherwise regain full use of the system via the limited screen sharing access that I have?

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So apparently you can use the Back To My Mac infrastructure to get to SSH even if there's no port open on the router in front of the relevant Mac:

Find your iCloud account number by executing this command in terminal:

dns-sd -E

Example output

Looking for recommended registration domains:
Timestamp     Recommended Registration domain
23:45:15.660  Added     (More)               local
23:45:15.660  Added                
                                             - > btmm
                                             - - > members
                                             - - - > 123456789

(Make a note of the number on the last line, in this case 123456789 (this is just an example).

The hostname you need to use for ssh is <computer's local hostname>.<number above> Replace spaces with hyphens, and omit apostrophes (the default name is "Name's <type of Mac>")

The command I used therefore was:

ssh -2 -6

To complete the solution to my problem (rebooting), once logged in via SSH, I used the following command to restart:

sudo /sbin/shutdown -r now

(Sourced from here)

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In this page says that Control-Eject show you a shutdown dialog. (You need a keyboard with an eject key.)

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