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Most of the external speakers I've seen have either AirPlay [B&W Zeppelin] or Bluetooth [Bose Soundlink, Jawbone Big Jambox] but not both. Anyone know of an external speaker system that has both?

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Samsung has announced some products that support both.

Have a look at the high-end Samsung Audio Dock DA-E750, and the (only) a bit cheaper DA-E670.

I have never listened to the Samsung speakers, but I do find them a bit expensive compared to the already 'premium' price of the B&W Zeppelin Air for example, which still has a better reputation regarding audio quality, although preliminary reviews speak well about the quality of the Samsung speakers.

Also AirPlay is technically the superior technology, as it has a much larger bandwidth than Bluetooth, and transmits the audio uncompressed to the speaker. Unless you have specific reasons for needing Bluetooth, perhaps traveling with your speakers or streaming from non-Apple devices, I'd prefer an AirPlay speaker.

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