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The problem: The iMovie that our son spent dozens of hours making and editing for his final 7th grade project- due June 4th is now missing from his iPhone!

And unfortunately, a trip to the Genius Bar today may have actually been the reason for the problem...

The facts:

  1. Our son's iPhone 4s camera suddenly wouldn't work. Made appointment at the Apple Store, after being told by Apple to reset. Tried numerous times but no luck.

  2. Genius behind the bar diagnosed the issue as the phone needing to be totally reset where all data would be removed but assured us that he was doing it safely & that every bit of stored data, apps, music, photos, imovies, EVERYTHING would be easily retrieved & put back on the phone once he finished the reset. He also reminded us that iCloud should have it stored and saved either way.

  3. After almost an hour, it seemed like the Apple guy finally fixed the phone. All the apps & other data on the phone (from before the reset) seemed back on the phone, as promised. WRONG.

  4. Store was closing so we didn't have time to stay & check if ALL data was back on phone, as Genius promised it would be. BUT... As soon as we got home, we realized we had big trouble! Our son tried pulling up the stored iMovie but iPhone 4S now says NO files exists in iMovie. Searching iCloud gives more of the same message. Saying there are no files from iMovie.

Has this ever happened to you? Anyone know how to fix this?

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