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Seem to lack ram to run revit program through installed windows 7 using parallels. It takes hours to complete task. Mac is 8 gig all in one. Wondering why so slow. Can it be better?

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We need a lot more information than you provided to be able to help. What is your definition of slow? How long would the same task take if you ran it using Windows 7 on Boot Camp? What is the revit program and how much memory does it need? How much memory have you assigned the virtual machine? Does the program use a lot of disk I/O? Does it use a lot of graphics like Photoshop does? Have you tried using VMware fusion instead of parallels? – Old Pro Jun 2 '12 at 11:00

Have you tried to set windows number of cores to the highest possible and windows ram to 4GB? This solved a lot of speed problems to me...

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