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When I record the screen on a Mac, how can I show keyboard typing in the same image (as shown below)?

enter image description here

Is there particular screen recording software or settings that will do this?

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I also use Screenflow, but there are also a few standalone apps for that like Keycastr and Mouseposé.

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thank you very much –  Alpacino Jun 1 '12 at 16:10

I believe this is a part of Screenflow, which costs $99, but does have a trial available.

OS X does have a limited ability to do this, but it only shows modifier keys, like Shift, Ctrl, Command, etc. If you're interested in that, it's in System Preferences > Universal Access, under the Keyboard tab. Turn sticky keys on, and then push "Display pressed keys on screen". I don't think that's what you want, but you can check that out as well.

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You could try showing the on screen keyboard; this can be accessed from the language menu item

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