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Macbook Pro Running 10.7.4 attempting to share ethernet connection via Airport(Wi-Fi) and trying to serve 192.168.1.x addresses to connected clients.

I've tried the guidance provided here and the subsequent article listed here and my file has the following:

NAT =     {
    AirPort =         {
        40BitEncrypt = 0;
        Channel = 0;
        Enabled = 0;
        Extreme = "";
        NetworkName = *****;
        NetworkPassword = <*****>;
    Enabled = 1;
    NatPortMapDisabled = 0;
    PrimaryInterface =         {
        Device = en0;
        Enabled = 0;
        HardwareKey = "";
        PrimaryUserReadable = Ethernet;
    PrimaryService = "352E1799-A5BD-45F7-8C1C-49A963899CFC";
    SharingDevices =         (
    SharingNetworkNumberStart = "";

But no dice. ifconfig still shows en1 as I've rebooted, made sure System Preferences was closed. en1 up'd and down'd

I'm guessing I need to be modifying a different file. I've looked at the binary for InternetSharing but it has way too much cruft in the file for me to confidently edit it.

Any help? Thanks!

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Apparently, as you say, you need to modify the InternetSharing file, adding:


It seems pretty straight forward.

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I wish it were as straight forward as it appears. The InternetSharing file mentioned is a binary file and not an easily editable plist. Looking at it with vim is a mess. The standard InternetSharing.plist file does not appear to manage the Airport configuration. Instead it has an argument which called the InternetSharing binary file. I'm looking for a clean way to edit the binary file. – syncr May 31 '12 at 17:13
You are right, it's a hell of a mess. Couldn't try it until now. I'll keep searching, though. – Thecafremo May 31 '12 at 19:59

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