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I'm looking for an app which I can use to find my camper in the desert after going for a walk, or find the b&b i left my bags in after exploring a new city. I'm hoping for something really simple which just points in the right direction and perhaps tells me a distance, like your next target on a computer game. I'm imagining opening a compass and clicking a button to record a place then having a needle pointing north and another arrow point back to the waypoint.

Does this exist?

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That's funny because I had the EXACT same idea, and I started developing an app just like that, which doesn't have the bloated features of a full-fledged GPS app like MotionX GPS. – SeniorShizzle Dec 24 '10 at 22:57

Motion-X GPS Lite is free, and lets you set waypoints and navigate back to them. Reviewed here.

  1. Tap Menu > Waypoints to save or select a waypoint
  2. Tap Menu > Compass to see the heading

alt text

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This is no longer free. – Lee Jan 25 at 14:39

Beacon does exactly this and is free.

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This no longer exists. – Lee Jan 25 at 14:39

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