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My 6 year old Razer Deathadder is starting to fail and I'm looking for a mouse that meets most of the following criteria (and #1 is a solid requirement).

  1. Is NOT an Apple Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad (ergonomically non-viable for me due to tendonitis)
  2. Is either a wireless rechargeable unit or is a wired USB device
  3. If wireless, then must be Bluetooth and must not require a dongle
  4. Touch surface thats supports OSX Lion gestures (either with or without software installation) and is also Windows compliant.
  5. Must have two separate left and right buttons (no software shenanigans to perform a right click with a single button and detecting finger location)
  6. Ergonomic (see 1) (I've used Logitech MX Revolution and the aforementioned Razer mouse both of which provided enough contact for hand rest)

Ideally, such a device should be less than £55 ($70 approximately) but I'm open to any device that meets these needs since prices and such can change and I can always wait for a sale if the desired model is too expensive for me today.

If any one can help me find mouse nirvana, it's as I describe here :D

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