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I happily use mail with several accounts. When I send a new email I often forget to choose the correct 'From' account. Is there a mail plugin that allows to set the default 'From' account using some rules.

One example could be: if the recipient ends in '' use the work account.

Or as an alternative is there a way to change the 'From' dropdown menu using a key combination? (this would not solve the case when I forget to set it but would at least speed up the process)

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Are there other mail clients that are more sophisticated and have this feature? – james.garriss May 30 '12 at 13:27

If you use the unified inbox then this can be a problem. If you expand the mailboxes and read them from those, then you can set-up Mail to send using the account for that mailbox.

I suppose this may require remembering to select the correct mailbox in a similar way to remembering to select the from account though.

Composition settings

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Yes I though about this but as you mention this would lead to the same problem: remembering to choose the correct account :-) – Matteo May 30 '12 at 9:48

I struggle with the same problems. The answer is that there currently unfortunately is neither a plugin nor a hook for manually solving this problem.

For details look here:

Some workarounds for the problem can be found here: extension to avoid sending email from the wrong account?

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