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I can't find any equivalent of the Excel Pivot Table or Open Office Data Table features. I'd like to sum up my data grouped by values in various columns.

For example, if I have

A       B       C
red     left    2
red     left    3
green   left    4
green   right   4

I want to be able to get

        red     green   all
left    5       4       9
right   0       4       4
all     5       8       13
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Apparently there is a categories feature that gives some of this power, but I'm still looking for a better answer. – Kevin Peterson May 26 '12 at 0:56
What led you to think pivot tables are implemented in Numbers. It's not there AFAIK. – bmike Apr 13 '13 at 20:33

Assuming the tables are named Original and Pivot, the cells in Pivot are filled using this formula:

=SUMIFS(Original::$C, Original::$A, "="& $A2, Original::$B, "="& B$1)

i.e. sum values in Original::$C if

  • corresponding value in Original::$A = value in first column of Pivot
  • corresponding value in Original::$B = value in first row of Pivot

The 'all' values are just simple sums of those rows or columns.

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