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Is there a good app to store login information to various sites and services on my iPhone?

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I like 1Password.

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I have 1Password on my Mac, my iPhone, and my iPad. Can't imagine life without it. – Dori Dec 23 '10 at 3:52

I like LastPass. More for it's Desktop/Browser Integration than the iOS specific version.

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Plus lastpass is free and just bought xmarks. The year plan for premium is cheaper than 1pass pro for iphone and provide a free app. But I have to admit, 1pass website looks way better! :D – cregox Dec 23 '10 at 20:55
Lastpass is free if you only use it on one device. And yes, way cheaper in order to sync it across any/every device. 1Password does look better, but it works on par. I pay for pretty most of the time, but Lastpass just seems to work better for me. (I used 1Password before I used Lastpass.) – Jason Salaz Dec 23 '10 at 22:30

PassDiary is great, no-nonsense and free.

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Thanks for your answer, Alistair Maxwell! Can you please add a link to the software you mention in your answer? It is always helpful to add a link to help the OP to find the right software. Thank you. – daviesgeek Jul 16 '12 at 6:41

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