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The Apple dock cannot take the bumper, you need to take off the bumper.

I need a dock for work and at work where I can just slip my phone in (bumper and all).

Any ideas?

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Amazon sells a dock from Oriongadget which will allow you to dock an iPhone with his bumper. It will cost you $23.00.

enter image description here

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Probably, not due to the large variation possible with iPhone cases it would be difficult for a exact fit to a specific dock you would almost nead a special dock for each case out there.

The good news is that there is a very good compromise solution and that is a dock connector extension that will allow the iPhone and case to be raised out of the dock and clear most obstructions with most cases and iPhone / iPod docks. Something such as the Dock Extender by SendStation should do what you want.

DockExtender by Sendstation in action

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