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Whenever I carry out an action in Keka, such as extraction or compression, I receive three Growl notifications. All are identical, but only one has the correct icon (Keka's icon) while the other two seem to display a missing icon.


I've checked Growl and there's only one Keka entry.

I'm running Growl 1.3.3 and Keka 1.0.1 (not App Store version).

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It would appear to be an issue with Keka not Growl, I've just updated Keka to 1.0.2 and the issue is resolved.

Changes in version 1.0.2 (10/04/2012)

  • Fixed and issue with password protected rar files (Thanks to Clayman feedback) [Ticket 45]
  • Fixed double notification with Growl 1.3+ (Thanks to all the feedback to Chris and MacUpdate users!) [Ticket 42]
  • Fixed auto-close not always working (Thanks for the feedback Chris) [Ticket 41]
  • Fixed problems extracting password protected RAR files (Thanks to Clayman for the feedback) [Ticket 45]
  • Added sound customization (Thanks to Frank feedback) [Ticket 49]

Keka defect 42

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