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When online my webpage becomes unresponsive, particularly when I click on a link, is there a fix? I have a MacBook-Pro osx 10.7.4 about a year old. This is not a new problem and I have been blaming it on my router but the signal is strong and disconnecting from wi-fi and then reconnecting seems to get things going again. It happens intermittently and I can't figure out what is causing it. Thanks for any help

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This is mostly related to DNS problems. Can you check in your terminal if the following commands produce immediately a response? You can also check this with some other hostnames, because the responses may be cached on your local machine.

nslookup www.apple.com
nslookup apple.stackexchange.com

Is the DNS server in your network settings set correctly?

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Which browser are you using?

I was experiencing the same issue on Chrome, all I did was

  • Go into Chrome - Preferences
  • Go to advanced settings
  • Un-tick the box "Predict network actions to improve page load performance"
  • Restarted Chrome

Then it worked fine

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