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NOTE: I know this is a lot of text to handle, but I'll add a bounty whenever I can to the person who can bring me the solution. So see is as a motivation to read the whole text :)

My friend has the strangest thing going on with his iPhone 4 (Model A1332). Today, he noticed his phone wasn't charging anymore (after a fall off the nightstand) when connected to a power source. He tried many different cables and sources (USB, power point, USB-socket,...) but the results were the same. His iPhone didn't charge (although the charge symbol was shown in the battery icon...).

So, I happen to have a spare iPhone 4 here (Model A1332 too). I switched batteries and I got the same result. The icon shows the iPhone is charging, but in fact, the procent isn't increasing.
So I switched both batteries multiple times and ended up with the same result over and over again. Which made me think, the dock connector is broke.

However, after a dozen switched between batteries, I managed to charge the battery of the broken iPhone up to 3%. Which allowed me to turn on the iPhone and try to restore the software (I thougt I give it a shot). But after about 2 minutes, the iPhone reboots. Every two minutes.
And sometimes, it even happens I see the battery at 100% and the initial start-up screen (where you can configure your iPhone). But when I unhook the iPhone from the cable, the iPhone shuts down. So I think the iPhone just ran on electric power.

Bringing it to an Genius Bar isn't an option since my country doesn't have one. And the iPhone is bought in August 2010. So Apple won't cover the warranty anymore.

So I think here's more to do then just a broken dock connector.
What are your recommendations or suggestions what to do with this iPhone?

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