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I am using Time Machine.

Then I started Lion in recovery mode with CMD+ R and choose "Restore from Time Machine Backup". All worked fined and my Mac started.

But now when I want to use Time Machine again :

  • I got a message "Time Machine can not complete a backup" : backup is too large for backup disk (it's a partition).
  • I checked the Backup disk and see there are used 200GB and 104GB is free. But for my current Backup I need about 200GB.
  • I do not see my old Backups in the Backups.backupdb (also checked with tmutil listbackups)


  1. How can I access my old backups which I think they are still on the backup drive but not visible?

  2. Can I set the current Backup to use previous (I hope) existing backups to avoid a full backup?

  3. Is the only solution is to clean the Backup drive (partition) for upcoming backups and delete previous backups?

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