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I'm staying at a hotel and want to use my Apple TV. My problem is that because there's no browser on the Apple TV I can't get to the proxy web page where I can accept the terms of service.

I found a link explaining a work-around using a Mac as an ad hoc airport, but I don't have a Mac or other wireless router with me, just an iPhone and iPad.

I also found some advice about spoofing MAC addresses, but the instructions involved a lot of command line jujitsu that I don't know how to do on iOS.

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I actually don't think it's possible to spoof a different MAC address, at least on an unjailbroken iOS device. –  Fake Name May 15 '12 at 3:51

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My easiest solution is to get an Airport Express (that is preconfigured with wireless settings and then hooking that up to the Apple TV) and then access the hotel's terms and conditions using your smart phone.

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So for my specific scenario of not having an Airport Express available the answer is it's not possible. Fair enough. –  Adam Wuerl Jun 13 '12 at 2:11

I just ran into the same problem. There's no browser on Apple TV so you can't pass through the authentication page from the hotel. I found a solution.

I connected my MacBook Pro to the hotel network via ethernet, and used "internet sharing" to share my connection via wifi. Once connected to Apple TV, I was able to mirror, and use the computer's internet connection to use Apple TV Services.

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Went on vacation to Phuket Thailand before I went to the hotel they had mentioned that Wi-Fi service was being offered at this hotel.

I forgot to check to see if they had an ethernet LAN cable connection, So when I arrived at the hotel I realized that they didn't have this connection I had taken my airport express to set up a hotspot along with my AppleTV Second Gen to the hotel for watching movies.

As people mentioned above when connecting through settings to the Wi-Fi. It doesn't give you an option to type in a password because everything is done via the browser.

Well luckily for me I had a jailbroken AppleTV second-generation so I logged into the browser,which is really Couch Surfer Pro went to google.com then hit submit entered the information my room number and of course password saved it connected to the Internet .

Then hit menu on the remote clicked on Main Menu and Viola you're connected. But keep in mind the Wi-Fi tends to be slow in the hotel room depending upon your connection speed there hope this helped.

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Calling the front desk, hotel customer service or isp and having them add your MAC address is the only way to do it without using another device, or a jailbroken apple tv.

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Good luck explaining that to the average hotel front desk clerk ;) –  Stephen Lead Oct 29 '14 at 23:02

Call the hotel's customer service and have them add the MAC address. Done. Or jailbreak it and add a browser.

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