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I've got an 4th-gen iPod Touch with thoroughly smashed glass. What are my options for repair? It sounds like

  1. Apple charges about $200
  2. There are third-party repair-by-mail services that charge around $100, and
  3. You can buy parts and do it yourself.

The first options seems a bit pricey for a $300 unit, and the third sounds too risky. That leaves the second option. I'm wondering if there is a reliable third-party service I can use, or if there are other options I've not considered?

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There's also the option of taking it to a local unofficial smartphone repair shop, which has the advantage of nobody having to pay for shipping. This is also risky though, since they might use low-quality parts and/or have poorly-trained staff, so it's probably only a decent option if you can find a convenient one with a good reputation.

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