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Does anyone know of software for OS X that can quickly split a 2 hour H.264 video file into two 1 hour files? iMovie estimates 2 hours just to import the file. I was hoping for something that could do it quicker.

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Not really an answer for the question you asked, but I've found it's quicker to add clips to iMovie by opening the iMovie project bundle and dragging the clip into the Media folder. When next opened, the clip is in the library and can be used, no waiting. –  CajunLuke Dec 20 '10 at 20:59
Thanks for the tips, everyone. –  jlpp Dec 21 '10 at 13:27

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You might also be able to do this using Quicktime X. Open the movie, then choose Edit -> Trim... Trim away the second part of the movie file and do a save as to get the first part in a separate file. Re-open the original file and trim away the first part, save as to get the second part in a separate file.

I've only been able to try it with a 5 minute long movie, which was quick enough, but I'm unsure of how quickly it'll work with a 2 hour movie.

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Beautiful solution, Lizzan. Fast, free, readily available. Thanks. –  jlpp Dec 21 '10 at 13:27
@jlpp: Glad I could help! =) –  Lizzan Dec 22 '10 at 6:24
This is working fine. And for 2 hour movie it takes only 3 minute. –  sugunan Aug 8 at 4:21

The easiest tool would probably be Quicktime 7 Pro. I believe it is available on Apple's store for $30.

If you prefer a CLI method, take a look at mp4box. It has a -split option that does what you're describing.

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Some other options are:

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Completely free, completely awesome.

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Movie Splitter

Split MPEG-4 movies with ease and speed.

Movie Splitter can split your H.264 (.mp4) movie into two halves. A multi-gigabyte split typically takes a minute or two. The bulk of the time is spent reading and writing the file.

If an application takes longer than a few minutes, it is likely re-encoding your movie. You do not want this because it risks reducing the quality of your split movie files.

Please note I wrote Movie Splitter and am likely bias.

Miln Movie Splitter for Mac OS X

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There are two possibilities:

  1. If your MP4 file has chapter itself, you can split MP4 file into two.

  2. If doesn't, cutting MP4 into two is your best choice.

To do the first task, my suggestion is this MP4 Splitter.

To do the second one, you can turn to HandBrake.

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