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If I try to delete an event on iCal, it offers me these options:

  • Cancel
  • Delete and Notify

What if I want to delete without notifying?

I'm running iCal 5.0.2 on OS X 10.7.3 using an Exchange account.

Edit: Using an Exchange account.


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You can move the event to a local calendar. When deleting you will then get the additional option "Delete & do not notify".

Moving to a local calendar as outlined in Matteos answer has several issues: a) it's not an option if you're using iCloud (as that'll disallow local calendars) b) in Mavericks, although the option to "Delete & do not notify", the notification is sent nevertheless! –  user959380 Jun 19 at 1:10
@user959380 The answer is from 2013 and it was possible :-) You could have iCloud calendars and local calendars. –  Matteo Jun 19 at 6:19

A couple of years ago I wrote a script to do this. It's all at http://thefragens.com/blog/2010/04/dont-send-ical-replies/

The gist of it is the script will automatically alter an AppleScript inside the iCal package. It does not effect the code signing. The script also has a method of reverting itself. You'll likely have to install the changes each time iCal is updated.

NB: It won't work with Exchange accounts.

The zip file has the install bash script, a modified and an unmodified AppleScript.

Thanks! Sadly, I use an Exchange account. –  dfrankow May 11 '12 at 12:50

In the end, I created a new calendar specifically to move event invites to, which I don't want to see anymore. Then I hide that calendar.


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