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This one drives me crazy...

If you search in Apple Mail, you likely end up way back in time in your list of emails. When I am ready to read new email I have to scroll, scroll, scroll to the top of the list again.

There HAS to be a key command or something I am missing to instantly jump to the top of the list.

Is there?

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You should be able to press the Home key (Fn + ← left arrow key on a laptop) to go to the top.

Alternatively, if you have a multi touch trackpad, you can use BetterTouchTool to set a gesture for Home and End. I personally think this is the best way, and I set a three fingered swipe down to Home and a three fingered swipe up to End

BTT three fingered swipe home and end

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On my MacBook Pro: Cmd-Opt- to go to top of messages list. Drove me nuts till I found it.

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Only Ctrl-Opt-↑ worked for me. – Brian Mortenson Feb 29 at 17:55

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