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I have installed an NFS File Server on Ubuntu 11.10, and that is working well.

I am only able to connect to the NFS server from my Mac with this command:

 mount -t nfs -o vers=4 /Users/admin/Desktop/mount

But I cannot connect via Finder (nfs:// or through any third party programs that don't allow for the version parameter. The Syslog error is

mount_nfs: can't mount /srv from onto /Users/admin/Desktop/mount: Program version wrong

Is there any way to set this to V4 by default? Either server side or on my Mac? I need to be able to connect without the extra parameters.


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The syntax for using NFS v4 (and passing options in general) is :


You can check the mount afterwards from the Terminal using :

nfsstat -m
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I found (OSX 10.9.5) that this was no good. The comma ends up in the mount command. Investigating the command it ran (from the ps list) I saw that this resulted in a command: mount_nfs -odeadtimeout=45 nfsvers=2,example.com:/var/www /Volumes/www - which was a failure. Experiments with other variations of spacing before the hostname seemed to help a little. Entering an nfs URL nfs:// -onfsvers=2 example.com:/var/www - Including those spaces looked like it should have worked, but for some reason still did not. –  dman Dec 10 '14 at 2:13

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