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Anyway to set a idle timeout on VPN? I want my VPN connection to drop automatically after idling for 5 minutes.

Using Lion 10.7.3 and built-in VPN Client (Cisco IPsec).

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There is no way to do it through the VPN connector. This setting is determined by the administrator of Cisco/IPSEC VPN endpoint.

This not to say that you could not write a script that monitors network traffic and disconnects the client after a prescribed idle time - just that it is not available as a setting or attribute of the VPN connection on the client side.

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Go to System Preferences > Network. Select your VPN connection from the sidebar. Click on Advanced. In the first tab ("Options"), there should be the option "Disconnect if idle for X minutes".

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Thanks for your reply. That works for normal VPN, but when you choose Cisco IPSec, that option is not there :( – Rogier Jun 25 '12 at 16:01

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