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I'm Venezuelan, so my native language is Spanish. But I have my MacMini and my MacBook in English because that's the way I like to work, it's better for my (and my job). Usually, when I access Dictionary app (mostly with Alfred), I can just look out the definitions, synonyms and whatnot in English, but not in Spanish.

The only way I know how to switch the language is changing the global language settings (via System Preferences > Language and Text). This means that the whole OS would be in Spanish. I would like to be able to use both languages in, at the same time, so I can look out definitions, synonyms, and else in both languages (specially through Alfred).

Any way I can achieve that?

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The supplied by Apple only has English and Japanese, regardless of what language you set your OS to. You can add modules as explained here: has nothing to do with spellchecking, that is done by other parts of the OS. You can change the spellcheck to Spanish in Apple apps by going to Edit > Spelling and Grammary > Show Spelling and Grammar.

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Although this answers my question (in theory), the link (or any I could find on Google) doesn't have a Spanish Dictionary — just translation dictionaries, so that won't work. If you do find one, please share =) – AeroCross May 3 '12 at 0:30

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