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I am getting a weird error with the mvim script that is supposed to start the MacVim interface.

See below for the issue. /bin/sh is just fine, mvim was chmod +x'd, other /bin/sh scripts run fine... I'm at a loss here.

jan@MacBook-Pro ~ $ file Applications/mvim 
Applications/mvim: POSIX shell script text executable
jan@MacBook-Pro ~ $ head Applications/mvim 
# This shell script passes all its arguments to the binary inside the
# MacVim.app application bundle.  If you make links to this script as view,
# gvim, etc., then it will peek at the name used to call it and set options
# appropriately.
# Based on a script by Wout Mertens and suggestions from Laurent Bihanic.  This
# version is the fault of Benji Fisher, 16 May 2005 (with modifications by Nico
# Weber and Bjorn Winckler, Aug 13 2007).
jan@MacBook-Pro ~ $ chmod +x Applications/mvim
jan@MacBook-Pro ~ $ Applications/mvim 
-bash: Applications/mvim: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Operation not permitted

Below you can see that /bin/sh scripts run fine...

jan@MacBook-Pro ~ $ vim test.sh
jan@MacBook-Pro ~ $ chmod +x test.sh 
jan@MacBook-Pro ~ $ ./test.sh 
jan@MacBook-Pro ~ $ cat test.sh 

echo "hi"
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Hmm, so it seems OS X thought it was a good idea to quarantine my script, for some reason, and not tell me about it.

jan@MacBook-Pro ~ $ xattr -d com.apple.quarantine Applications/mvim 

fixes the issue.

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