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The optical drive on my buddy's MacBook Pro died at the same time the OS failed, so I have to reinstall the OS through my external USB CD Drive that is Mac compatible. I have the Snow Leopard OS X disc, I just need to know the commands to get it to reinstall the OS. I cannot do it within the OS because the OS will not load, period, on the computer. I am unfamiliar with Macs, just Windows based PCs.

What I did:

I plugged in my USB DVD drive and inserted the OS X disc. I then rebooted the Mac and held the option key. The OS X disc was in the boot selection menu. I clicked on the disc. The Apple logo appeared and there was a little spinner that rotated. However, after a minute of spinning, the Mac just shuts down without warning; it doesn't reboot or anything, it just turns off.

When I turn the computer on and let it normally load without any keys being touched it loads once again to the Apple with the spinner thing. The computer just idles with the disk spinning and the spinner turning. Nothing loads. Any ideas?

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My best guess is a bad logic board. – soxman May 25 '12 at 3:18

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