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I am studying at NUS in Singapore, and they have a mac-equipped computer lab here at school. All users (students) have our own personal accounts that we use to log in to the computers with. Sometimes when you approach a computer to log in only the alternative "thinkmac", which is the school's administrator account, I presume. Some other computers have the alternative "thinkmac" as well as "Others..." where you can input your own login credentials.

One day as I sat down by a computer and there was only the "thinkmac" alternative. I was about to get up and find another one when the guy sitting next to me says -

Just click 'thinkmac' - the computer will ask for your password - then hit escape to get back to the login screen. Repeat until "Others..." appear.

So: If you click any user account, hit ESC to get taken back to the login screen, repeat for 5-10x, eventually the alternative "Others..." will appear.

Why is this? Is there an internal counter that keeps track on how many times you have clicked a/any given user account, and after a certain threshold it displays the "Others"? What is the logical reasoning behind this?

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I don't know of any counter, but next time try holding shift while clicking the back button. Holding that while the login window is loading at least used to force the Other… option, but it might do it coming from the password field too. – ughoavgfhw Apr 22 '12 at 17:43
So this is a documented bug? I couldn't find anything online. – bjornl Apr 22 '12 at 18:01

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