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I wish to play music on iTunes on a PC (Win7) through Apple Remote app on iPad (the new one/3). I manage to register Remote, that is, enter PIN, but on iPad my iTunes library doesn't have name, and when I try to connect I get "Looking for ..." and then after a while "Could not find".

Home Sharing is turned on both on iPad Remote app and PC iTunes, with the same Apple account.

I have the newest iOS and iTunes versions (5.1 and

The curious thing is, this thing with a PIN works through iPhone.

As I understand it, I can either connect through Home Sharing, or through PIN. For my iTunes on a PC Home Sharing is obviously not working, but PIN is working for iPhone but not for iPad. I've tried all usual stuff advised by Apple, and don't know where to start troubleshooting next. How do I find what went wrong?

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