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I want to allow programs running in the terminal the ability to interpret the keyboard short cut Cmd + S

I have already Remapped the Terminals' default binding of Cmd + S to Ctrl + S via the Keyboard System Preferences in OS X Lion, so this has stopped the Terminal App itself from interpreting that key press, e.g. the save dialog no longer comes up when pressing Cmd + S . However something is still grabbing the key input before any terminal program can.

For example when running bash typing Cmd + S in the X11.app terminal results in:


being printed to the screen.

When I perform the same Cmd + S in the Terminal.app nothing is printed and the OS plays an Error Sound. I am not really sure why the keystroke is not making it to the terminal as expected, how do I allow Cmd + S to pass thru.

For more information on what / why I am trying to do this see question Bind <Cmd-S> in Vim

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not sure if this applies, but stty uses ctrl-s to stop the terminal until restarted with ctrl-q. I'd be a bit leery about sending ctrl-s to a terminal.

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I tried this and it did not seem to have any effect when I added it to mt .bashrc, a slightly modified version of what was indicated here vim.wikia.com/wiki/Map_Ctrl-S_to_save_current_or_new_files –  MrDaniel Apr 20 '12 at 19:00

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