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I receive almost 99.99% e-mail spam in Russian.
I'm not sure why, but it makes it really easy for me to tell spam apart from real mail.

I use Apple mail 4.5 on MacOS 10.6.8, and I'd like to make a rule that somehow catches mails written mainly in Russian and marks them as junk.

So far I made rules that catch individual russian letters, but is there a more generic and efficient way of filtering it?

Actually I don't read Russian and don't receive any real e-mail in Russian.

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From MacHints:

  • Select Mail -> Preferences -> Rules
  • Select Junk -> Edit
  • Select (+) to add a new rule.
  • Click on the "From" drop-down and select "Edit Header List..."
  • Add "Content-Class" by typing "Content-Class" in the "Header:" text box and then hit "Add Header" and "OK."
  • Set the first pop-up on your new rule to Content-Class, the second to Contains, and the third to charset="windows-1251".
  • Select (+) to add a new rule.
  • Set the pop-ups to Subject, Contains, and charset="windows-1251".
  • Select (+) to add a new rule.
  • Set the pop-ups to From, Contains, and charset="windows-1251".
  • Click the "OK" button to end the rule definition.
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