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By default iTunes and App Store are remembering your password only for 15 minutes and this is really annoying for someone that keeps the access to his computer safe anyway.

I am almost sure that these could me change by tuning a plist files from the command line. What is the secret command to make it -1 instead of 15? ;)

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Enabling automatic downloads can help, but it's highly unlikely that this is simply a preference on the client. I would presume (but haven't reverse engineered) that the server is signaling the purchases that require a password either by signing a certificate with a short expiration time or upon each "purchase."

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Possible. But without more inside information, I would presume the simpler implementation of the client just remembering (and forgetting) the password. Wasn't this something that recently changed via an iOS (i.e. client-side) update. – Thilo Apr 19 '12 at 1:43

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