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Seems to be too much gray in Lion. Status bar, title bar, scroll bars, links bar, tabs, everything blends into itself.

I am guessing that is part of the design. Any options to changes these?

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You can make a subtle change away from gray shifting towards blue with theOS preferences. Go to Apple Menu -> System Preferences...

Then click on General in the upper left

enter image description here

And then select Blue under appearance

enter image description here

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There doesn't seem to be an awful lot you can do, but as a start, you could get the colored iTunes icons or Finder sidebar icons back like they used to be in Snow Leopard.

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It's possible to mod the color scheme but it involves changing resource files and is not for the faint of heart. Refer to my answer to the question "How do I change the Lion menubar selection color?". There are some ready made mods (BlackPurple, LionPulse) on Deviant Art.

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