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How can the verbosity of logging be increased for SASL authentication failures? To be more precise, to include the failing user name in a log file on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) Server?

Linux hosts have logging like:

Oct  1 18:36:56 megatron postfix/smtpd[7671]: warning: unknown[]: 
                SASL LOGIN authentication failed: generic failure
Oct  1 18:37:02 megatron saslauthd[4691]: do_auth         : auth failure:
                [user=academia] [service=smtp] [] [mech=shadow] [reason=Unknown]

Where Mac OS X Lion (10.7) Server it's logging granularity is no deeper than:

Apr  2 16:43:41 nl3 postfix/smtpd[23753]: warning: unknown[]: 
                SASL LOGIN authentication failed

How can the user name be logged too?

Help on how /usr/sbin/saslauthd is invoked by postfix/smtpd is also welcome and/or where its configuration is stored.

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