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Is there any keyboard shortcut to open applications stack on dock bar?

The idea is I want to be able to open any app without using mouse.

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..selects an item of the dock. You can navigate using the arrow keys. The selected item is the one that will be selected first the next time you use this shortcut.

Once you've selected the Applications folder, the shortcut becomes for the next time:


enter image description here

BTW: You can also use ctrl+fn+F2 to access menubar items.

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Maybe you should try Alfred or QuickSilver. Both of them give you the ability to open any applications quickly, not just the applications on dock.

Alfred Screenshot

Play around with them and I am sure you will find your workflow on Mac more efficient.

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+1 for Alfred, I'm lost without it... – Lizzan Apr 10 '12 at 8:25
And it's so much faster than spotlight. – revolver Apr 10 '12 at 8:29

The fastest way (that I can think of) to open the Applications folder is the following:

Press + + Space. (This is the fastest way to open a new Finder window from within any application.)

Then, browse to the Applications folder by hitting + Shift + A.

The idea is I want to be able to open any app without using mouse.

I have + Space mapped to Spotlight, so I can just use that keyboard shortcut, then start typing the name of an app, hit Enter, and that’s it.

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There is a trick for switching application windows including the minimised ones in MAC OS X.

After choosing the app by pressing CMD + tab, hold press option key and release other keys. Minimized window will be opened.


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OP is referring to the Applications stack in the Dock, not a minimised application… – grgarside Sep 21 '13 at 14:12

Why not to use Spotlight? It's fast and doesn't require any other software installed. By default it has a shortcut ⌘ cmd + space (you can set this shortcut in System Preferences).

Spotlight quickly finds the application (or file) as you type.

Spotlight Search for Application

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