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What are the best dock replacements?

It's frustrating to keep track of windows in the dock unless they're minimized. For instance, I often have 10-15 separate PDF documents open. It's a mess to keep track of them on the dock.

-- Harry Gindi

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What do you dislike so much about the Dock? I don't really have a problem with it. Knowing what issues you have would help create better solutions. –  jmlumpkin Dec 10 '10 at 20:31
I think the question would be better received if it didn't editorialize so much. –  Philip Regan Dec 11 '10 at 0:37
Thanks for toning down the harshness of the question. You'll get a better response as a result, and that benefits everyone here. I do care about the context of the question because I want to see this site succeed; having questions that contain unnecessary swear words and full paragraphs of near-argumentative, opinions doesn't help the community. Similarly asked questions get closed on other SE sites, and I don't see why this one should be any different. I have seen too many other good forums devolve into negative rant-fests over the years and I want to avoid that here. Every little bit helps. –  Philip Regan Dec 12 '10 at 18:01
@Harry: That may be true in your social circles, but it may not be in others. We have to be careful in making such assumptions. –  Philip Regan Dec 12 '10 at 20:16
@Cawas: it's not so much the question but the way it was originally asked (before edits). I think voters are avoiding giving the OP any reputation. However, I have converted this to community wiki so that is no longer a problem. –  Robert S Ciaccio Dec 28 '10 at 23:28

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HyperDock gives you window previews for each running app in the dock, which helps tremendously.

alt text

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So does the Dock if you click and hold on the icon of a running app. –  Greg Dec 11 '10 at 10:00
Yeah, but not like this. This is instantaneous and it doesn't take over your screen like the Expose view you get when holding a click on the app. HyperDock shows you the windows from all spaces, unlike Expose. Plus there are a whole slew of other useful things I haven't mentioned. –  Matthew Frederick Dec 11 '10 at 18:02
This app is pretty slick, thanks for posting it –  Kyle Cronin Dec 11 '10 at 20:21

A quasi-replacement worth considering is Quicksilver (download: http://www.blacktree.com/ and guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBvFUhTqKK4), used by a large number of devout users.

Though, that it depends on what you're looking to replace: access to apps, documents, tasks etc? It should work great. If you want something that looks vaguely like a dock/taskbar/GNOME panel, it won't replace that.

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LaunchBar... Alfred... Google QuickSearch Box... Even Spotlight! –  Jason Salaz Dec 10 '10 at 22:02
Quite right! I've actually had Spotlight replace QS for months… –  msanford Dec 10 '10 at 22:37
I use Spotlight instead of QS too. Works fine. –  Greg Dec 11 '10 at 10:01

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