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I am happy with iTunes 9 and am a bit leery of upgrading to iTunes 10 on my Mac based on some feedback I've heard from others. Can I duplicate in my Applications folder prior to running Software Update to update to iTunes 10, and use the backup iTunes to run iTunes 9 if I am not happy with iTunes 10? I know this works with some applications like Final Cut Pro but not with others like Safari.

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Don't see why not. If you're paranoid, you may also want to backup the iTunes prefs (~/Library/*), and/or any config files you find in your iTunes music folder (~/Music/iTunes/ in my case).

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I just did this and I can confirm that it did work. However as Harv said, if you do this make a backup of the old files, specifically your library, as iTunes 10 will upgrade your "iTunes Library" file and iTunes 9 will refuse to read it.

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