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I got my new iPhone today and ofcrouse made an Apple ID right away. Everything goes ok, I get sent a verification email, but there is no link in it. It has the instructions and they mention a link, but there is none. I tried sending the verification email from my iPhone and from the apple site (, but still nothing.

Here is a screenshot of the email I received:

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It seems that your email client is not displaying images. (Many email programs disable images by default for security purposes.) However, the verification link will probably be an image button, so you must enable images in order to see it.

(Alternatively, if you configure your email account in Mail on your iPhone, you should also be able to see the button there, since Mail displays images in emails.)

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Set up your e mail account on your new I phone. Then open apples verification e Mail on your phones e mail app. The rest is easy.The email on my home computer (windows) HP didn't have the link, hours wasted and several beers consumed.

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